Interview with Rose-Marie Swift - Founder of RMS Beauty

1. How do you approach the creation of your products? What's your process like?

All based on mood and emotion, I don’t follow trends or what other brands are doing. I just follow my intuition to a t and it has served me very well. I’m inspired by mixing colors and as a professional makeup artist what I would use. Professionally and personally.

2. Could you share with us some of the key ingredients that make RMS Beauty unique and

Kakadu Plum is known for having the highest levels of natural Vitamin C of any oil and is now becoming one of my must-haves. Buriti for its naturally high levels of Vitamin A and Beta carotene. They are studying it currently for its naturally high levels of SPF. And of course my Adaptogenic Herbal Blend. Adpotens are herbs that balance the skin.

3. In your opinion, what role does beauty play in boosting self-confidence and self-expression for your customers?

I think it enhances someone’s natural beauty. And we all see little flaws in ourselves and I think its really wonderful that somebody can put on a bit of lipstick to make the mouth look sexy or mascara to make the lashes look more impactful. It’s not about a full face of paint by number, it’s about subtle enhancements to reflect light for color and for contrast.

4. How do you stay connected to your customer base and understand their evolving needs
and preferences?

It’s as simple as just listening.

5. Many customers love RMS Beauty after the first try. Why do you think sampling is important for your customers?

The opportunity here is for customers who aren’t well versed in clean beauty and this gives them the chance to experience a clean beauty brand done by a professional makeup artist so they can experience the masterfully made products with clean ingredients, skin-loving textures as well as fashion-forward luminosity and radiance. One sample and we can pretty well guarantee they’ll be sold. Who wouldn’t want clean and healthier beauty products?

6. What are 2-3 brands you admire in the beauty space? These could be makeup, skin, hair, etc. Feel free to share why you love them.

I love Kora Beauty Miranda Kerr, my very close friend, I love her products they are truly organic—elegant packaging and made from Miranda’s heart. My lovely French friend, Valérie Grandury, founder of Odacite, is one of the few skincare lines that actually has their own manufacturing lab producing impeccable products with the highest quality organic ingredients.