Interview with Allie Egan - Founder of Veracity


1. How do you approach the creation of your products? What's your process like?

Our product development starts with health and the need to address concerns and issues that other brands may not be formulating for. Everything Veracity creates begins and ends with research and clinically proven ingredients. We study with our medical team what is going on in our bodies (specifically regarding our hormones) that is causing the symptoms we’re trying to avoid like acne and dry skin and work backward from there. If you can target the root cause of an issue, you can create a product that effectively treat that problem through either internal or external methods.

2. Could you share with us some of the key ingredients that make Veracity unique and effective?

Our ingredient library consists of a plethora of functional medicine heros, proven over centuries in traditional Chinese medicine, Ayurvedic medicine and more. Some of my favorites our our snow mushroom in our BioEvolve Serum, sulfur in our Blemish Calming Cleanser, and fermented plum seed oil in our moisturizer!

3. In your opinion, what role does beauty play in boosting self-confidence and self-expression for your customers?

Feeling good in your skin in the basis of self-confidence and healthy relationships. Something I love about our platform is that it helps you understand the why behind things happening in your body. It helps you separate negative things about your physical body (hello acne) from who you are as a person, because you can understand it is just a temporary imbalance, and can be fixed with the right education!

4. How do you stay connected to your customer base and understand their evolving needs and preferences?

Our test and our deep connection to our clients through our integrative nutrition counseling helps keeps us on the pulse of what is going on with her from beauty concerns to life concerns.

5. As a founder, what has been the most rewarding moment for you since starting Veracity?

Helping every woman who uses our products come closer to hormonal balance in order to look and feel their best. This manifests beyond just in clearer, bright skin and feeds into other great outcomes like less bloating, less stress, better sleep patterns, and much more. Not only this, but encouraging healthier choices as it pertains to ingredients and formulations is deeply rewarding. Even those who just use our skincare are making a major difference in decreasing their toxic load, which in turn helps to balance hormones.

6. Many customers love Veracity after the first try. Why do you think sampling is important for your customers?

Beauty and self care is personal by definition. Part of that means experiencing products first hand to know that they work for you and your unique body.

7. What are 2-3 brands you admire in the beauty space? These could be makeup, skin, hair, etc. Feel free to share why you love them.

One of my mentors and investors is Nancy Twine of Briogeo. I admire how she pioneered clean hair care even before it was cool. I also admire Holly Thaggard and the Supergoop team as they took a health need (sun protection) and found a way to make it cool and fun. That’s what we’re doing with Veracity and hormonal health!