A 5-Step Work From Home Skin Care Routine

work from home skin care routine

Skincare Needs While Working From Home


The events of the past few years have forced us to switch up our lifestyles. Consequently, many have ended up adopting work-from-home lifestyles. 

These changes have also influenced our skin care needs as many spend most of their time indoors. Skincare routines that work well with the out and about lifestyle may not be efficient for those working from home. Read on for a look at a routine that ideally caters to this new dynamic.

1. Cleanse Your Face at night


Working from home limits skin exposure to the harsh environmental conditions outside. It also negates the need to use makeup and other beauty products. 

Regardless, a nightly cleanse should still get priority in your work from home skin care routine. Your face is still exposed to airborne dust particles and other possible pollutants in your home. You may also have donned your make-up for an online meeting during the day. 

Cleansing gets rid of foreign material on your skin that may trigger troublesome skin. It also opens up the pores and allows the skin to breathe and heal. A cleanse before bed allows your skin to restore itself as you sleep. It would be good to consider the gentle products for your cleanse, based on your specific skin type.

2. Tone and Exfoliate


Toning and exfoliating are vital with many skincare routines. Herbal and alcohol based tonics are highly preferred. Toning protects the skin from accumulating impurities by sealing open pores and tightening cells.

Exfoliating helps improve your skin by removing dead skin to prevent possible bacterial infection. Exfoliating can be included in your morning skincare routine as it does not take up much time. 

Exfoliating toners are dual purpose and can handle all these needs in one go. It also helps maintain an optimum pH balance on your skin without irritation. A gel based scrub and lukewarm water are greatly recommended. Limit your exfoliating frequency to avoid irritating the skin.

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3. Moisturize


It is possible for the skin to become dry indoors, especially for those living in dry areas. The skin needs to stay moisturized in all conditions to remain supple and fresh.

Adding moisturizers to your work from home skin care routine will prevent dull, cracking and dry skin. It would be best to consider a moisturizer tailored for your skin type for optimal results. 

Moisturizing also protects your skin from external hazards by strengthening its protective layer. A daily moisturizing routine will limit skin blemishes and conditions in the long run. It will also help conceal existing blemishes and reduce the effects of ageing on your skin.

4. Wear Sunscreen


Staying indoors may not completely shield you from harmful UV rays. These rays are proven to pass through glass and may find their way onto your skin even while working from home. It would therefore be ideal for incorporating sunscreen in your daily skincare outline to reduce this apparent risk. 

Exposure to UV rays wears down the skin, making it wrinkled and leathery. Constant exposure may trigger premature aging of the skin. Adding sunscreen to your skin care routine prevents aging, sunburn, and skin cancer in the long term. Using sunscreen while at home will give you a better skin tone, texture, and brighter appearance by limiting photodamage.

5. Stay hydrated


Our bodies are largely composed of water content. This water ensures optimal conditions across all bio-functional areas of the body, including the skin. Consequently, there is a need to adequately replenish these stores. 

When you drink enough water, your skin cells stay refreshed. This allows them to the weather adverse environmental conditions. Individuals who stay hydrated are less likely to have wrinkled skin. Staying hydrated will also ward off aging skin. Hydration also maintains the skin's pH balance and flushes out toxins. Hydrated skin is less likely to sag as proper elasticity is ensured. As the skin stays moisturized, acne and pimples are less likely to occur. 

Staying hydrated is easy to add to your work from home routine. Keeping track of your intake on a daily basis will ensure long term results. The indoor environment can equally take a toll on your skin if not properly cared for. As seen above, it is possible to perfect your skin care routine while working from home.