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    • Load image into Gallery viewer, FOREO Luna 3 Combination
    • Load image into Gallery viewer, FOREO Luna 3 Combination
FOREO Luna 3 Combination
FOREO Luna 3 Combination
Load image into Gallery viewer, FOREO Luna 3 Combination
Load image into Gallery viewer, FOREO Luna 3 Combination
    • Load image into Gallery viewer, FOREO Luna 3 Combination
    • Load image into Gallery viewer, FOREO Luna 3 Combination

FOREO Luna 3 Combination

FOREO Luna 3 Combination

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  • Used as part of your daily cleansing routine
  • Provide a much deeper clean than washing by hand
  • Allow better absorption of your favorite skincare products

How to use

  • Use the front of the device for cleansing mode, and the back of the device for anti-aging mode to massage wrinkle-prone areas
  • Apply your regular cleanser
  • Wet the LUNA 3 and activate its cleansing mode
  • Gently massage into the face with your LUNA 3 for one minute
  • Rinse and dry your face
  • Apply your favorite skin care products, if desired
  • For anti-aging, activate its anti-aging mode and then press the surface onto wrinkle-prone points for a total of one minute.

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Good for: Oily scalp

Good for: Frizz

Shimmer finish

Good for: Color Care

Best for dry, combo, normal skin

About this item

Meet the LUNA 3, the world's softest skincare device. With 30 percent softer silicone touchpoints and T-Sonic technology, the LUNA 3 cleanses away filth, oil, and excess sebum in just one minute, while a focused firming facial massage leaves skin appearing smoother and younger.

Video Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 671 reviews
Foreo Luna 3

I loved this product! Before using the luna 3 I probably wouldn’t have spent this much on a face scrubber. It leaves your skin so smooth and clean. The silicone bristles are very gentle. The charge lasts forever. Also the silicone prevents bacteria growth! I would recommend to family and friends.

This product was reviewed on

Small but mighty

I’ve been using this Luna 3 for a while now and I really enjoy the thorough clean I get from it. The bristles aren’t rough so they exfoliate without being abrasive. The only thing I didn’t like was the fact that it would stop vibrating while I’m still cleansing. I tried charging it but it didn’t help. I also didn’t find the app to be of much use but that’s just me. Overall, great cleanser would definitely recommend.

This product was reviewed on


Simply love this product. The silicone touchpoints create a targeted forming facial massage. It deep cleans leaving pores clean and unclogged. The pulsations are gentle enough where it feels like a massage. Definitely recommend this product. A must have!

This product was reviewed on

Works Great!

I really like this product, it cleans your face and you can also use it to massage your face also. The bristles are nice and soft, and you can change how powerful you want the product to be with the app. Only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars is because there’s not that many instructions especially when it comes to the app which I feel like should be something important since the Bluetooth capability is a big thing!

This product was reviewed on

Squeaky clean!

I received this product complimentary from Influenster for review purposes and lets begin. I’m completely obsessed with this device! For the price I think it’s completely worth it. This product has helped me achieve a more clear and even complexion and reduce the amount of breakouts that happen because it helps completely break down the makeup I wear. This product is a complete game changer!

This product was reviewed on

Its the massage feature for mee!!

I loved using my Foreo to cleanse my skin, but the massage feature is what I use the most! Laying in bed, soaking in the tub, honestly anytime I feel the need. I just open the app, choose which massage I want and follow along!!!

This product was reviewed on

Amazingly gentle!

I love my Foreo 3. It is very gentle on your skin, but definitely gives it that extra boost to ensure your face is getting a light exfoliation aside from product exfoliation! I take my makeup off first then use this with my zo skin cleanser to get my face refreshed before my night time moisturizer!

This product was reviewed on

Impressed Beyond Words

This is my first cleaning device I've added to my skincare routine, and I'm so impressed with it! Over the month of using this, I've noticed a significant improvement in my skin. It has helped with my acne, dry skin, and my face feels so smoother after each use. More importantly, I can physically see the dirt/makeup/etc. on my Luna 3 after washing my face. I love that I can customize the cleaning to my needs - time, intensity, etc. It's the perfect size to hold in my hand without it feeling uncomfortable. The Foreo app is really easy to use, and I love the treatments offered. Syncing the device is easy, and with continuous use, I haven't had to charge the device once yet! LOVE LOVE!

This product was reviewed on

pleasantly surprised

I was pleasantly surprised with using this FOREO device. I didn’t expect much from using it but I noticed that after each use my skin feels soft. After the first use I had to get used to the feeling because the vibrations made my face feel odd but my skin was soft. I got used to the feeling and I am happy with the use. It doesn’t seem to have a long term effect on my skin but since I use it twice a day it works. I would definitely recommend the Luna 3.

This product was reviewed on

firm and glowing

Adding this to my daily cleansing routine has made a subtle but noticeable difference in my skin. It feels firmer, more clear, and healthier all around. I use it once in the morning and takes breaks from time to time. If you want to up your skincare game and get extra glowing skin this is the way. Also I like that I can control it with the FOREO app!

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