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Build a perfect beauty routine

Looking for tips to kickstart your beauty routine? We got you covered. Let Airshop estheticians build it with you, with the right products.

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Accessible and professional, our certified estheticians will help you find the right products for your specific needs.

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I loved how accessible and interesting the virtual consultations are! I would recommend to anyone looking for new and interesting products made for you.

Brianna Bryan

Verified buyer
The expert definitely has a ton of experience and could go into detail explaining her product recommendations. She was able to bring up relevant products quickly.

Nabeel Shahid

Verified buyer
Airshop is amazing. Being able to receive my item on the same day I ordered is a game changer. I also save so much time not having to drive to the store.

Nicole Greenleaf

Verified buyer
I loved how accessible and interesting our exchange was! I would recommend to anyone looking for new and interesting products made for you.

Paige Bowes

Verified buyer
I have struggled with understanding my skin for years- buying products that were not right for my skin type. The consultation helped me figure out what products were right for me!

Meredith Hall

Verified buyer
I liked the consultative approach and how knowledgeable the esthetician was. I tried new products due to the recommendation of the esthetician.

Yewande Masi

Verified buyer
My consultant was great! She was nice, personable, listened to my needs and sent me the products from email and my chat so i could easily purchase!

Morgan O'Connell

Verified buyer
I loved my consultation! She was knoledgable and gave me insight into why different products are right for ME not just good for the public.

Elana Golub

Verified buyer
The Airshop consultation made me understand my skin type- and made me confident in the products my consultant was recommending.

Victorine Muse

Verified buyer
Ishtar Mobarak
Coleen De Guzman
Kendall Hall

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Friendly and at your sevice to enhance your Airshop experience, our trusted staff is here to help you out!

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How does it work?

Our consultation timeline

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Our consultations are structured so that we understand your needs


showcase the right products and trends related to your specific case.

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How many consultations can I get for free?

Consultations are for every Airshop client. We want to give our customers the best experience possible so our consultation service is free. Depending on the numbers of requests, it may take longer to schedule a meeting.

How long is a consultation?

A consultation is either 5, 20 or 40 minutes. If you have a quick question about a product or want a replacement for a routine item book a shorter time. If you want a new skin care routine or to better understand why certain products are good for you, book a longer time!

Can I choose a specific esthetician?

When you book via the calendly app (located in the consultation tab or intercom) you will be able to request what type of consultation you want (skin care, makeup, nutrition.) Once you book you will be in contact with your personal consultant!

How does the coupon of $15 works?

After your consultation you get a follow up email with the products that were recommended to you during your session. In this email we also provide the code you apply at checkout for $15 off.

Do I need to prepare for my consultation?

When you sign up for the consultation, you will be asked to fill out a brief questionaire to help our consultatns understand your needs for the meeting as well as details on your skin type.

Do I have to put my camera on for the consultation?

We understand not everyone is comfortable with leaving their camera on for these consultations. We think for best results, it helps our consultants to see your face to get a better understanding of your skin type; however, the choice is completely yours!